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Fingerprints Gold Pendant

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. MJ.CTM.004.PD00
. Bespoke Collection
. 19,2kt Gold
. 2,8 g
. Pendant size: 2cm

Capture the fingerprints of your loved ones in a unique custom gold pendant using our impression wax kit.

With your purchase, a simple mold kit with all the instructions will be sent to you to capture the impression of your loved one's fingerprint. Each impression kit has enough material to make several tryout molds. A good impression is usually captured with the first try, but we always send 2 extra wax molds.

It only takes a few minutes and is completely safe to the skin.

Return the mold impression to our studio address and we’ll send the jewelry piece back to you within 2 - 3 weeks from the date we receive the mold impression. Please send back all the three molds so we can choose the best one to be casted. 

The final pendant has approximately 20mm but you can ask for different sizes and shapes that we could estimate a value for you.

Fingerprints vary widely in size and quality. Your final charm will look like the mold/ink print you provide.

Final pendants are exact replicas of the impression mold prepared by you. Any flaws or age lines that you are able to see in the mold will be captured in the final pendant. Your fingerprint must be seen with the naked eye. Beware of all the marks and shapes you make on it as the final piece will look exactly like it.

Infants under 12 - 18 months and the elderly 80+ years old have very faint prints. We recommend making the mold from the heel, toe or palm for infants and the palm for the elderly.

 All custom pieces are not refundable.