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The Future is Female and we call it Margaret. Inspired in the 20's aesthetics, influenced by the spirit of the roaring twenties Margaret collection is a reinterpretation of this era, an hymn to the women power influence at those times, and all the consequences of their bravery, prowess and audacity.Margaret is not just a new jewellery collection. Margaret is a tribute shaped in the most precious way, creating the most elegant jewellery pieces.Designed by women, always focused on women, in their power and their achievements, this collection is an applause to all of those who fought for the basic women rights.Independence and freedom were the command words of that time, still so current, almost a century later.

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Welcome to #meljewelworld

One day two girls had a dream, and now you're gonna show you how dreams come true. It's all about this office and this workshop where Marta and Luísa make it all happen. From sketch to body every single piece is unique, handmade in silver and gold with all their heart. Designed and produced in Porto, Mel Jewel is a portuguese jewelry brand, designed by women and for women, shinning in the luxury of the simplest lines. With delicate, elegant and sophisticated designs, Mel Jewel is inspired by the natural beauty of the daily details.Marta and Luísa are the soul behind each brand. They love to dance with their thoughts and when they wake up they own the power of...

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I'm Jane.

In her sparkling silver shades, Jane arrived to be the it girl of this summer. Get to know her.

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